6″ 300 Hellan DH In-Line Strainer

Hellan 6″ 300 Type DH In-Line Flow Manual Dual Handwheel Strainer.

Choke and Kill Manifold

4-1/16 10K x 3-1/16 10K

18″ 300 Slab Gate

Williams 18″ 3000 RF Pipeline Slab Gate Valve

NOV Classic PCSB Stuffing Box

3″ 8V thread 1-1/2 or 1-3/4 brass and packing

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2″ 150 Check Valves

2″ 600 Gate Valves

3″ 600 Gate Valves

16″ 300 Powell Gate Valves

8″ 300 Neway Series GT Through Conduit Gate Valves

10″ 600 Neway Series GT Through Conduit Gate Valves

12″ 300 SWI Bellows Seal Gate Valves

6″ 300 Evergreen Globe Valves w/ 3/4″ bypass

10″ 300 Evergreen Globe Valves w/ 1″ bypass

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